is the first app dedicated to breastfeeding and motherhood that solves your questions in a personalised way


With 76,000 possible paths, and more than 2,500 responses, LactApp autonomously resolves more than 100,000 weekly inquiries worldwide on a personalised basis.


All features are open and available to all mothers worldwide. If after using LactApp, you think it has been useful to you and you can pay for the service you received through the app. Pay the amount you consider, you can even pay 0€.


LactApp aims to reach all mothers, that is why you can download it worldwide. At the moment it is available in English and Spanish, but we are already looking into translating it into other languages.

Mothers say…

73% of our users say that LactApp has 'been key' or 'improved' their breastfeeding experience. 97% of them would recommend the app and more than 97% are satisfied with the content we offer.

Data obtained from a survey of over 2000 active users

Since 2018 we have already attended to more than 5 million queries. In addition, 19% of all new mothers in Spain use LactApp.

Data updated in April 2020

LactApp Medical is a version of the app specially designed to accompany health professionals in their day-to-day work with breastfeeding mothers. Don't miss out on all we have to offer. Download LactApp and ask for your Medical license, it's free.

Enjoy a 15% discount on the price of the University Expert in Advanced Breastfeeding Practice Degree  when you purchase the premium package from LactApp Medical.

LactApp Clinic is born from the desire to build a safe space where we can offer health care, focusing on the period of motherhood and fatherhood but extending it throughout the entire sexual and reproductive life.

LactApp Shop is a beautiful project that was born from the enthusiasm and fate of meeting Esther and Carolina, two creative, passionate, hard working and committed to our cause, who came together to create the first LactApp products. Every time you buy one of these products, you are helping us to maintain this beautiful project that currently serves more than 90,000 automatic queries per week worldwide.

The breastfeeding expert in your pocket

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