LactApp was born from a dream that, far from becoming a utopia, is transformed into a clear and powerful mission:

Facilitating women's ownership on choices about their bodies and motherhood

Meet our team


Maria Berruezo

Cofounder & IBCLC

Alba Padró

Cofounder & CEO

Enric Pallarés

Midwife & IBCLC

Laia Aguilar

Doctor in Nutrition

Paola Quifer

Lactation Consultant

Alícia Vilaret

Education Coordinator

Núria Carrasco

International Dev Lead

Christi Gross

Doctor in Artificial Intelligence

Ignasi Gómez-Sebastià


Rocío Tovar


Meritxell Martí

Academic Coordinator

Paola Villamizar

Press Manager

Laura Santiago

Product Analyst

Cindy Rodríguez

Business development

Nacho Guerrero

iOS developer

Thais Rodríguez

Natural Language Processing Scientist

Nadjet Bouayad-Agha

Midwife and Lactation Consultant

Anna Manubens

Nurse and Lactation Consultant

Ariadna Vaqué

The breastfeeding expert in your pocket

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