Meet the team

LactApp was born from a dream that, far from becoming a utopia, is transformed into a clear and powerful mission:

Facilitate the protagonism of women as a force for change in society.


Maria Berruezo

Cofounder & IBCLC

Alba Padró

Cofounder & CEO

Enric Pallarés

Midwife & IBCLC

Laia Aguilar

Doctor in Nutrition

Paola Quifer

Lactation Consultant

Alícia Vilaret

LactApp Clinic Codirector & Psychologist

Mariona Bustó

LactApp Clinic Codirector & Psychologist

Helena Angel

LactApp Clinic Codirector & Psychologist

Carlota Portabella

Education Coordinator

Núria Carrasco

International Dev Lead

Christi Gross

Doctor in Artificial Intelligence

Ignasi Gómez-Sebastià


Rocío Tovar


Meritxell Martí

Academic Coordinator

Paola Villamizar

Press Manager

Laura Santiago

The breastfeeding expert in your pocket

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